Welcome to the site!

17 Dec 2019 . category: announcements

We are proud to announce the (re)launch of our website and blog! Here we share news about our projects and blog about indie development.

There’s a lot in the works here at UpstateIndie. There are a few projects bouncing around, but presently most of our focus and energy is going towards getting Nerm into its alpha stage. Nerm is the brainchild of lead developer Jesse Allen’s son, and began as a fun project for the two to use as an excuse to share their creativity. Turns out the boy was onto something super fun, so we decided to run with it! We’ll be updating the site around Nerm’s progress soon, so check back if you’d like to learn more.

We’re also currently constructing a tutorial series about hooking mixamo models into Torque3D MIT. This series begins at entry-level, for newcomers to the engine to use as a learning tool. As the series progresses the content will become increasingly complex, until the reader emerges fully prepared to tackle this (seemingly) daunting task. Please allow us to shed light on a straightforward workflow that has potential to save you tons of time as a Torque developer!

Also we’ve recently migrated our site to a new IP. As a result, the Disqus widget works and will accept your comments but until we resolve a couple migration issues these comments won’t be displayed. Don’t worry! Your comments are not being ‘eaten’ :D